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PURIFY facial cleanser

PURIFY facial cleanser

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AFRICAN BLACK SOAP | effective + gentle cleanser containing anti-bacterial properties that prevent breakouts 

SHEA BUTTER | reduces scar damage + discoloration 

MOROCCAN RED CLAY | gentle exfoliant + evens skin tone 

NONI POWDER | powerful antioxidant + protects from free-radical damage

FRANKINCENSE EO | powerful astringent + reduces aging spots

ROSE EO | antiseptic properties + calming  

*eo= essential oil

2 oz | 60 g

Massage a level scoop of cleanser onto face | Follow-up with toner + moisturizer | Suitable for daily use 

*Cleanser should be be used within 6 months for optimum results. Only natural preservatives are present in this product, and therefore not designed for a long shelf life. Seasonal conditions, temperatures within your home, and how you maintain your product can influence product longevity as well. Keep at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. 

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